NRI hails Gov’t support

The National Research Institute (NRI) have commended the Government for approving funding of its research and innovation facilities.

The support in the construction and maintenance of the PNG Knowledge Hub Precincts including the Sir Henry Chow Building is in line with the Government’s emphasis on evidence-based decision-making and policy formulation based on data and research.  

The Government allocated K4 million for feasibility and design and approved facilities upgrade and construction from 2024. 

The NRI Council states that this funding and project is a substantial PNG government investment since the current NRI campus was gifted by the Australian Government by transferring the New Guinea Research Unit of the Australian National University.

“This approval and funding will be a national landmark and institutions development that will be the pride of the nation. Further, this decision and its implementation will be the first PNG Government infrastructure support to NRI since its inception in 1953,” said PNG NRI Council Chairman, Wilson Thompson. 

The NRI Council submitted earlier two funding requests for the maintenance and renovation of existing buildings and houses and equipment and for the construction of the PNG Knowledge Hub Precincts including the Sir Henry Chow Building. 

The NRI Council resolved in 2007 to establish a Knowledge Hub, comprising buildings, improved technology,  NEC Decisions, and public policy documents, and library, printery and bookshop and conference center, and seminar rooms that provides intellectual space for academics, researchers, practitioners, and students. 

This will enable NRI to recruit for all the 84 existing positions including new Professional and Associate Professorial Fellows in the six divisions to equip it with the best brains to coordinate with all sectors and the private sector to produce the outcomes.  
Mr. Thompson on behalf of the Council, NRI management, and the Research sector in PNG appreciates the recurrent funding of K4.2 million and the two PIP Projects, which is a step forward. 

“We look forward to working with the Government to re-establish the National Research Council, establish the Research and Innovations Grants Scheme and develop the National Research Agenda for all research institutes, research agencies and universities, and research and innovation grant recipients to contribute to evidence-based decisions, policy-making and strategic direction and evaluation and review of policies.”  

Loop author