NRI to focus on conference

The National Research Institute’s main focus is to host the APEC Study Centre Consortium Conference this year.

Director for NRI, Dr. Osborne Sanida, said: “The main role of this conference will be to discuss issues that are relevant to APEC and how problems in the different APEC economies can be addressed.”

This ASCC Conference is made up of the different APEC study centres in the 21 APEC economies.

Papua New Guinea is the last remaining APEC economy to be part of the APEC Study Centre Consortium, which is a great achievement for PNG and also for the National Research Institute, who will be house the study centre.

The 2018 APEC Study Centre’s Consortium Conference will be held from 14th-15th May, 2018, at the Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby.

The overall APEC 2018 theme is; ‘Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future with three priorities;

  1. Improving connectivity and deepening regional economic integration;
  2. Promoting inclusive and sustainable growth; and
  3. Strengthening economic growth through structural reform.

Meanwhile, the call for papers for the ASCC Conference will closely align with these priorities and focus on presenting evidence based research, policy and best practice to inform and present practical steps for policy makers.

Annette Kora