A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (PNG NRI) and the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) today, 17 November 2021.

The main aim of the MOU is to strengthen research and promote research collaboration and exchange between the two Institutions.

The MOU was signed by Dr. Osborne Sanida, Acting Director of PNG NRI, and Dr Francis Hualupmomi, Acting Secretary of DHERST.

The PNG NRI is a publicly-funded policy think-tank in Papua New Guinea (PNG) mandated by legislation to carry out independent research and analysis on development issues affecting PNG. The National Research Institute Act 1993, states that the functions of PNG NRI include the following:

(a) “The promotion of research into Papua New Guinea Society and the economy, and

(b) the undertaking of research into social, political and economic problems of Papua New Guinea in order to enable practical solutions to such problems to be formulated.” (Section 5, NRI Act, 1993).

The PNG NRI’s mission is to provide quality research which contributes to evidence-based public policies and decision-making processes that improve service delivery, leading to better quality of life for all Papua New Guineans.

DHERST is an administrative, policy and regulatory agency of the government responsible for managing higher and technical education, research, science and technology in PNG. Its powers are defined under the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2014 (HEGPA), as amended.

The HEGPA guides DHERST’s activities in relation to research and research institutions. A key objective of the HEGPA is to promote and strengthen the research, scientific and technological capabilities of higher education institutions (HEIs) and public research institutions.

To achieve this objective, DHERST has power to promote co-ordination and co-operation between HEIs and other bodies that conduct research, including public research institutions (Schedule 8[n]) and to facilitate, promote and encourage research.  

For the activities under this MoU, PNG NRI and DHERST will collaborate in research activities relating to economic and social development, the role of agriculture in development, and other areas of mutual benefit and agreement. Details of collaborations will be negotiated separately under specific research agreements.

The MOU is renewed every five years without change on that date unless one institution gives notice sixty (60) days in writing in advance.

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