NPC calls for 'Certificate of Inexpediency' in face of COVID-19

Health agencies and authorities from the district to national level are urged to submit their request for Certificate of Inexpediency (COI) for expenditure of funds for the COVID-19 preparedness and responses as soon as possible.

The National Procurement Commission (NPC) announced this after the National Executive Council (NEC) approved a “Health Emergency” for COVID-19 preparedness.

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Simon Bole, said Cabinet has directed the NPC to assist agencies to issue COI for procurement of priority items relating to the COVID-19 preparedness and responses as per Section 69 of the National Procurement Act 2018.

Bole said the COI is a shortcut to the normal open tender process,” for ONLY EMERGENCY projects when there is an emergency declared.

Meanwhile, the NPC in its effort towards COVID-19 preparedness, has bought face masks and hand sanitizers for staff as well as clients to use within the office premises.

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