Not all Police Officers are bad: Wagambie

Not all police officers are held accountable for crimes that involve the misconduct of police, says National Capital District Commander - Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Wagambie Jr.

He said in every organization there are certain individuals that spoil the good reputation of an organisation but the rest perform their duty ethically.

Wagambie Jr was speaking at a press conference held recently regarding the death of an 18-year-old boy believed to have died from police brutality.

“There is no such organization that have every member performing perfectly, and that is the same in the police force, because there are many good police officers who worked tirelessly to ensure the community is safe while few behave unethically,” he said.

Wagambie Jr said a community and a family have the same situation where a certain individual will behave differently as well.

He said certain police officers are now behind bars due to cases of misconduct, an approach the police department is enforcing to hold police officers accountable.

Wagambie Jr added that the drug and alcohol policy is a directive the RPNGC is working around the clock to implement because through this policy police officers will be held accountable for their conduct when performing their duty. 

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