North Fly to get three more high schools

North Fly district in Western will soon have three more new high schools in three different local level government areas.

The proposed new high schools are Olsobip High in Olsobip, St. Betila in Kiunga rural and Bedamuni High in Nomad.

This comes after the North Fly District Development Authority (DDA) passed its policy decision on their establishments during the first 2019 DDA meeting on February 11th in remote Mougulu station in Nomad local level government.

North Fly MP and chairman, James Donald, said it was a government directive that all LLGs in the province should have a high school.

North Fly has six LLGs of which three have high schools while the other three namely Olsobip, Kiunga rural and Nomad, do not have any.

Those LLGs with high schools are Kiunga Urban, Ningerum and Star Mountain.


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