Nora Vagi Brash, creative luminary passes on

“We mourn the loss of the illustrious Nora Vagi Brash, a beacon of creativity and leadership hailing from Dagoda Village, Central Province, Papua New Guinea.” 

Nora was not only a revered playwright and poet but also a distinguished educator and formidable businesswoman. Born into a Motuan family, her journey of influence began after her education at London Missionary Society schools and Port Moresby High School, culminating in her graduation from Port Moresby Teachers' College in 1965.

Nora's academic brilliance was evident early on as she was named "Dux of the College," awarded the prestigious Citizenship Prize by Rotary, and recognized with a "College Blue" for her outstanding leadership qualities. 

Her passion for literature and commitment to furthering her education led her to achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a Diploma in Journalism from the University of Papua New Guinea.

Nora's career was marked by a series of pioneering achievements, including writing, and producing her own plays, which began while she was a dedicated teacher at Kila Kila Primary School. 

Her most notable contribution to the arts was as a playwright who vividly captured the essence of her culture and experiences, bringing them to life on stage for all to witness.

Beyond the arts, Nora was a formidable force in the business world as well. She held numerous senior positions in both the public and private sectors and was the major shareholder and Executive Director of Tanorama Limited, a successful consulting and project management company with offices in Papua New Guinea and Australia. 

Her expertise spanned media, communication, education, curriculum development, and training, providing valuable insights and services to the Government of PNG and various international development organizations.

Nora Vagi Brash's legacy is a tapestry of cultural enrichment, educational advancement, and professional excellence. 

Her profound understanding of the key issues in Papua New Guinea, paired with her relentless pursuit of growth and development, leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege to know her or experience her work. 

“We honour her memory and the remarkable life she led, forever grateful for her contributions to our world.”

Loop Author