Non-genuine refugees served Deportation notice

Men identified to be non-genuine refugees in Manus who have been given a “double-negative” status through the processing process at Lombrum have been served their deportation orders.

The deportation of about 60 Asylum seekers will be underway in Manus after Immigration officers served papers on those with Double negative status this morning.

While there is frustration building amongst those served at the Manus Processing centre, Human Rights Lawyer Ben Lomai has begun the process of getting a stay order in PNG’s high court against the deportation exercise.

Lomai who is representing about 700 detainees from the island in a number of Supreme Court matters told Loop PNG he is expects to file an urgent application at Waigani either on Thursday afternoon or on Friday.

Kurdish Iranian Journalist who has been in Manus for the last four years Behrouz Boochani Twitted on his Twitter page that the Mike compound at the centre had police personnel as early at 4am serving papers.

Two Nepal Asylum Seekers were the first of those served.

"People in Manus prison shock. Atmosphere full of stress. You cannot deport people after four  years suffering.  It's barbaric, unjust, extreme cruelty," Boochani Twitted.

PNG Immigration early this week said about 60 Asylum Seekers with negative status will be sent back to their home countries.

Meanwhile, it is understood a media statement will be issued by Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato soon to clarify this situation.

Sally Pokiton