Nomane calls for Government to change

The 48th Independence Day must trigger change in the way the Government is managing the country, says Chuave MP James Nomane.

He said the reason being the government has yet to mitigate the nation's youth bulge pandemic, create safe communities, leverage its geopolitical strength to rapidly create mass employment through foreign direct investment, and promote sustainable resource management that benefits landowners.

“The government cannot continue to pass the buck. We must demonstrate total ownership of the multiple crises affecting us, economic stagflation, health system collapse, high attrition rates in the education sector, weak electoral process, and an upsurge in violent crime that threatens to spiral into anarchy,” he said.

Nomane said an average Papua New Guinean is struggling daily to make ends meet, and is hopelessly limited in options to achieve success.

“On this independence, I call on the Prime Minister to put the country first and do a complete cabinet reshuffle that brings the best of both government and opposition MPs together,” he added.

Loop Author