No proper control at PNG/Indo border

​Maprik MP John Simon has raised grave concern on the deteriorating facilities at the border post at Wutung in the PNG/Indonesia border.

Mr Simon said whilst visiting the border recently, he found out that there is no water and no electricity, even no toilets at the border post.

Member for Maprik said it is a disgrace as we tend to fetch water from the Indonesia border to use as we don’t have any water on our side to use for toilet.

He said many people are frequently travelling on the border without even being screened properly.

“People are traveling in and out of the border without any consent or authorities’ control.

“Even, there is no public toilet for us to use at the border which is a disgrace at our national border post.”

He added that our security is now at risk and especially the people of Vanimo in terms of biosecurity.

He said the livelihood of the people in Vanimo depends on agriculture and if not careful, diseases from the other side will affect the agricultural crops.

“Our agricultural products will be destroyed if a virus breaks out on the other side and introduced into our crops.”

Mr Simon also raised concerns that there is no proper trading control at the border which resulted in people doing trade at their own discretion.

Inter-Government Relations Minister Kevin Isifu said the Government is aware of such issues and will be addressing them.

Freddy Mou