No pay cuts this fortnight: Education Secretary

Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, confirmed on July 17th that there were no pay cuts to teachers’ and public servants’ pays this fortnight (pay 15).

Dr Kombra said the implementation of the 2019 Consumer Price Index (CPI) for teachers ceased on pay number 14.

“The 2019 back pay, which consisted of two fortnights’ back pay was spread over 12 fortnights starting on pay number 2 this year,” he said in a statement.

In April this year, a media statement was released by Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy, to clarify a lot of queries that were raised around teachers’ salary suspension and salary cuts.

While many teachers were put off the payroll on pay number 8 (April 10, 2020), as part of the annual auto suspension exercise, the Finance Department continued to pay the CPI payments for 2019.

“These payments have ceased as of pay number 14 and teachers should be getting their normal pays from this fortnight onwards,” explained Dr Kombra.

He is asking teachers to contact their provincial salary offices should they have any further query. He is also urging teachers to see their inspectors to register for the ‘My PaySlip App’ to get the details of their salaries.

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