No one should go through this: Police officer

It was an experience that she would not want any woman to go through.

29-year-old Josie Kikoli, who is attached with the downtown Port Moresby Family Sexual Violence Unit, last week bravely spoke of her ordeal where she suffered a nasty beating that left her unconscious and badly wounded.

The 29-year-old police officer almost lost her life when her ex-partner and father of her 18-month-old daughter beat her up three weeks ago.

Although Kikoli and her colleagues deal with cases of gender-based violence and family sexual violence on a daily basis, they are not immune to this mistreatment themselves.

Kikoli, who has been working as an FSV officer over a year now, said although she is aware of many worse cases that women had gone through, she still cannot fathom why a human being would subject another to such treatment.

Though she had some successful cases that had gone through the channel for justice, other cases were unimaginable; the amount of violence that women and children face these days are just too much to bear.

Even though she is a professional, Kikoli would sometimes get affected by the stories and cases that she worked on.

However, now that she has gone through such a situation herself, she wants to show other women that it is okay to stand up and speak out.

“Be a pillar of strength for other women who are going through situations like this,” said the officer.  

Kikoli vows to lead by example and be an inspiration for other survivors of gender-based violence and family sexual violence.

Imelda Wavik