No one is above the law

Police are being warned that no one is above the law.

This comes after the arrest of seven officers and an additional two who were arrested over the weekend.

The seven police personnel are now being processed for criminal negligence in a murder case that occurred three weeks ago while the other two have been arrested and charged.

One of the officers was arrested by the internal affairs unit for illegally using an impounded vehicle for two days while the other was arrested for assault in public.

This now brings the total of policemen arrested for illegal and criminal-related issues to nine.

NCD superintendent operations commander, Michael Tilae, said it is a sad situation when the men sworn to enforce the law are the ones being arrested and charged.

He said police officers have a duty to uphold the law, and there needs to be proper administration and command to ensure the smooth running of policing.

Tilae noted that most of these policemen are unsupervised, young probation constables.

The Sup Opts says there are now tough disciplinary actions taken on offenders in the force.

(Commander Michael Tilae)

Imelda Wavik