No more police reservists in Lae

Police Reservists in Lae will now cease to perform police duties as per previous directives from the Police commissioner following the Police Review Recommendation.

This was directed by the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie junior, who also noted that the reservists were only called on duty for the election period, and will cease police operations effective this week.

“As of this week Monday directives have been given that no National Police Reservists are to perform duties except those that are on MOU”.

He reiterated that, MOU Reservists in Lae belong to Romeo 14 which is a back- up Unit for the FootBeat Police, Unitech Reservists Unit, BSP Reservists, Trukai Reservists and Lae City Council Reservists.

The Met Sup said, although he supports community policing efforts in engaging reservists and auxiliary constables, there are proper procedures to be followed.

Meantime, the rise in Motor vehicle accidents in PNG’s second largest city and along the highway to Nadzab

is very alarming says the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Anthony Wagambie junior.

This he says may result from a number of various issues including the legitimacy of licencing of drivers.

Most of these accidents have been caused by reckless driving without due attention to the other road users. 

Meanwhile, Wagambie also adds that police will be stepping up on random vehicle checks on license and will be working closely with the Morobe Land Transport Board to address these issues. 

Imelda Wavik