No more elementary schools: Minister

Education Minister Joseph Yopyyopy has informed all the education departmental heads that there will no longer be elementary schools. Instead, they will be converted into early childhood education facilities.

The Education Department has launched and implemented the policy on early childhood education system that replaces the elementary school system.

The facilities of the elementary schools in various communities in the country will be converted into early childhood education.

“Because of the changes that are happening in the 6-6-6 school structure, there will no longer be elementary schools,” explained Minister Yopyyopy.

The early childhood education will focus on children between the age of four and six by preparing them to enter into grade one and into primary schools.

The demarcate responsibility of early childhood education system will be given to the local level government and the district development authority.

“Local level government will take the responsibility of prep which is now going to be the early childhood education,” stated the Minister.

Districts will be responsible for the primary schools from grades one to six and provinces will be responsible for high schools, secondary schools, vocational, special education centres and provincial Flexible Open & Distance Education centres.

Minister Yopyyopy said the Education Department will concentrate on developing all the FODES in the districts to make sure that everyone has access in educating themselves, even those who did not make it through the education system.

(Article by Albert Moses - third year UPNG Journalism student)

Albert Moses