No issues with potential backlash: Pruaitch

Treasury Minister, Patrick Pruaitch, says he does not have any issues with the consequences that may come from revealing what he says is the true state of the economy.

During a National Alliance Party event in Port Moresby on Friday, Pruiatch said the current economic strategy employed by  the coalition Government led by the Peoples National Congress has resulted in massive debt, a plunging GDP and growth rate, and a debt-to-GDP ratio myth.

NA is a major partner in the coalition Government.

Pruaitch presented these statements, witnessed by members, intending candidates, current members of Parliament, Party executives, NA founder and former Parliamentary leader Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

During his speech Pruaitach said he knows many would say he was part of the coalition Governments and that he was a party to the economic strategy employed.

However, he indicated the Prime Minister was the ultimate decision maker.

“(The) Prime Minister’s signature is so powerful. The Prime Minister underwrites every work that the Minister does. So I’m only a Treasurer,” he said.

Speaking to Loop PNG afterwards Pruaitch said he has done his job as Treasurer by providing appropriate advice.

He said he put up two supplementary budgets to ensure that the Government remained above board in terms of managing the economy.

“But he is the Prime Minister if he overwrites my advice that is his prerogative.

When asked on the potential reaction by the Prime Minister regarding the statements he made, Pruaitch said “I think the truth needs to be told and if there are any consequences after that I don’t have an issue with that.”

Pruaitch said NA is ready to form the next Government.


Cedric Patjole