No beer ban for NCD during festive period

There’ll be no alcohol ban for residents in the National Capital District during the festive period.

NCD Police boss Ben Turi said that as usual, people will be allowed to have alcohol during their celebrations but they must be responsible.

Turi confirmed there will not be analcohol ban in order to cut down on black markets in settlements.

“Similar to last year, we allowed alcohol during the festive period and we didn’t experience any serious reports in relation to alcohol consumption.

“During Easter we also allowed alcohol to be taken but with respect to the community and people behaved so we commend the public.

“We saw that when we put a ban on alcohol, people go crazy stocking up beer in the settlements which encourages black markets,” Turi said.

He said however police will be on patrol with the festive operations commencing this week.

Turi added that officers from the police headquarters and police band will be available to beef up security around the city on New Year’s Eve.

Quintina Naime