No backup plan for weather services

The National Weather Service Working Committee says the impacts of their strike action will heighten in the next 24 to 48 hours as weather specialists completely stop operations.

They say there are no contingency or emergency plans for temporary weather services during the strike.

This means weather services and information vital for maritime, mining, agriculture and aviation industries and coastal communities will not be available.

“Previously when we went on strike, Transport Department devised a contingency plan where arrangements were done for the Bureau of Meteorology Australia to provide weather forecast for PNG Airports.

“But for this second strike action, Bureau of Meteorology Australia will not be allowed to provide temporary services,” explained spokesperson Lawrence Aumora.

The committee stand their ground that Australia Weather Service is part and parcel of PNG National Weather Service and the strike means all external partnerships will also cease their services indefinitely.

Today is the first day of the strike after determining a stop-work at 4:06pm yesterday (April 6) and attempts to reach Samuel Maiha, Director for National Weather Service, and Transport Department Secretary Roy Mumu for comments were unsuccessful.

Carolyn Ure