Nipa District Hospital gets doctor

Dr Siaelo Panta has been posted to serve at the Nipa District Hospital, prior to his posting to Nipa Dr Panta served at the Misima District Hospital.

Welcoming Dr Panta was Member for Nipa Kutubu, Dr Billy Joseph, District Planner and community leader Robin Tuna on behalf of the Nipa District Development Authority and Southern Highlands Provincial Government.

Tuna said Nipa Hospital has been operating without a doctor for the past nine years and Dr Panta’s decision to serve in Nipa is a piece of welcoming news.

Dr Billy was also grateful for Dr Panta’s decision.

“I thanked Dr Panta for choosing to come to serve us and it is a blessing and fitting 48th Independence gift to the people of Nipa Kutubu, SHP and the surrounding districts of Margarima, Lai Valley and even Kandep where we will be expecting patients.

“We have a population of 12,000,000 and only 500 doctors; a glaring doctor population ratio of 1:24,000,00.

“The Global Standard requirement is 1 doctor to 1000 people. Nipa Kutubu is so fortunate to have a specialist rural doctor now at our hospital,” said Dr Billy.

The MP called on the people to put all their differences aside and take care of Dr Panta as he provides medical services to the communities.  

“On behalf of the DDA, I presented a new V8 Landcruiser as a 24-hour vehicle for use at the discretion of the doctor who will have custody of the vehicle. Dr Panta is looking forward to be the voice or link between the hospital and the PHA, DDA, MP and Governor and SHPG.

“His immediate task is to make Nipa district hospital function as a fully functional level 4 district hospital.”

Furthermore, Dr Billy said after fixing Nipa District Hospital, they will move to Pimaga District Hospital.

Dr Billy stated that all this will happen with the involvement of SHP Provincial Health Authority; and will continue to work with the provincial health authority to staff all required positions at Nipa District Hospital.

Meantime, the MP also presented a brand new excavator and 6-tonne dump truck to Nipa Kutubu DDA for the Nipa town urbanization project.

“I urge all Nipa Kutubu Citizens to put politics and other interests aside as we continue the dream to build Nipa town to become a major service center in the western end of Southern Highlands Province.” 

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