NIP gov’t prioritizes infrastructure in budget

The New Ireland Provincial Government will continue to prioritise infrastructure in the 2023 budget, says Deputy Governor Sammy Missen.

He said the infrastructure budget for this year is K113,700,000.

This is an increased funding of K28,282,412 compared to K85,417,588 funding allocation in 2022 Budget.

“Our focus now is the transformation of West Coast Highway to have a better sealed road from where we have started with 5km sealing from Para Junction at Lamusmus to Panameko and will continue sealing for another 10km with total funding of K15 million in this budget.

“We would like to see Mining Operators of Lihir and Simberi Gold Mining to play more major roles in Infrastructure development for our New Ireland people under the Tax Credit Scheme to complete the sealing of the West Coast Road from Kavieng district all the way to Namatanai district,” he added.

 “We are allocating K5 million to acquire the 102 run down plantations in partnership with landowners and other stakeholders, starting with four plantations (two in Namatanai and two in Kavieng) this year.

The provincial government is also putting K500,000 under Sweat Equity for Women in the province to access. 

“We are allocating  K5.3 million into Economic Development programs, including Cocoa and Coconut rehabilitation program, Commercial Food Production, Fisheries, Coffee, Rubber and Livestock Projects, including setting aside of K1 million for SME Credit Guarantee Scheme and K100,000 for Micro to Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Training in the Economic Sector.”

Mr Missen said K3 million has been allocated for Power Lines through the Rural Electrification Program to reach Madina to Konos.

“K2 million to reclaim land from Kavieng wharf to Malagan Hotel for the Kavieng Foreshore development.

K3 million has been allocated to upgrade and build Kavieng and Namatanai markets.

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