NIP adamant about autonomy

The New Ireland Government is adamant about attaining autonomy to have more power over its resources and the overall Governance of its province.

To achieve political, financial and administrative autonomy, the province has developed two important constitutional laws to chart the way forward.

Governor Sir Julius Chan said important constitutional laws were endorsed by the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) in 2012.

They are; the Constitution Amendment Law on the Autonomous Government and Organic Law on the Autonomous Governments.

Sir Julius is calling on the National Government to approve the 2019 Autonomy submissions for the three pilot provinces; East New Britain, Enga and New Ireland.

“Various views and comments on autonomy expressed by our Prime Minister and certain members of Parliament in the recent Parliament are seen as their own personal views without even critically looking at the content of the submission that is currently before the National Government.

The submissions is for the NEC to endorse and approve for the National Parliament to enact the constitutional laws to allow for the autonomous system of government to be recognized by the Constitution of PNG.

Sir J said the parameters in which the New Ireland Autonomy model was developed is set out clearly in the original Malagan Declaration, the revised Malagan Declaration Forward and the most recent revised New Ireland Declaration guided by New Ireland’s Autonomy Policy adopted in 2008.

“Our autonomy model is supported by the National Government’s commitment in the Alotau Accord 1 and 2 under the leadership of then Prime Minister Peter O’Neill,” he added.

Press Release