NHC boss appeals for stay order

National Housing Corporation (NHC) Managing Director, Henry Joseph Mokono has filed an appeal in the Waigani Supreme Court, seeking a stay order from being ousted as MD NHC.

He is appealing the decision of Deputy Chief Justice, Justice Ambeng Kandakasi of April 28, 2023 in a “Ex tempore” judgement brought on as a judicial review by one Elizabeth Bowada which challenged the “appointment process” that installed him as NHC MD.

His lawyer, Wesley Bigi of Henao Lawyers said: “The appeal for stay is to maintain the status quo and to ensure there is continuity in the management of the affairs of the NHC.”

He said the appeal was done in a timely manner although his client “was not aware of the April 28, 2023 decision until the court order was brought to his (Mokono) attention by a lawyer who was not involved in the proceeding”.

In his application, Bigi told the Court that the 6th Respondent (Bowada) erroneously assumed that the court’s decision had restored her to the position of acting managing director, the position she held prior to appointment of Appellant (Mokono).

Bigi said, “The 6th Respondent, on May 04, 2023 with supporters and certain unidentified police officers, drove in truck loads into NHC Office at Sky View, Port Moresby and forcefully took the Appellant’s office keys and took over the NHC through harassment and intimidation of the lawful employees of the Corporation”.

Mokono also filed a sworn affidavit in support. The matter has been set for hearing on May 11, 2023 at 9:30am.