NHC to assist McGregor Barracks

For the past two years, the McGregor Police Barracks has been dealing with faulty sewerage issues.

The ongoing construction of the Durand Farm Housing Project sewage system outside Eight Mile will not only serve the future residents of Duran Farm but significantly benefit the McGregor Police Barracks.

Housing Minister Dr. Kobby Bomareo, along with NHC Acting Managing Director Abel Tol and their team made the announcement when they inspected the work site at the barracks on April 8, 2024. 

Construction of the 2.3km Durand Farm Sewage Pipeline has already commenced from McGregor Police Barracks and will connect to the main sewage pond outside of Morota at a cost of K3.1 million. 

Housing Minister Dr. Kobby Bomareo said that they have accelerated progress on key trunk infrastructure like electricity, road networks, water supply, and the Sewage system for the Durand Farm, since the establishment of NHC’s Special Procurement Commission in February 2023.” 

With the sewage system scheduled to be completed by July 2024, this will also relief the McGregor Police Barracks sewerage problems.
Raw sewerage from the Barracks is currently being dumped into the water drainage system and has been exposed to the residents.

The sewage problem at McGregor Police Barracks is an ongoing one with no solutions at hand.  During rainy seasons, the malfunctioned sewage system causes wastewater and sewer to backflow into the houses, posing serious health and sanitation hazards for the officers and their families.

NHC learnt of their plight while working on the Duran Farm sewerage system that will ultimately connect to the one at McGregor.

NHC offered to help the barracks fix its sewerage system by taking the load into its truck with a connection point to be established at the Barracks.

SSD Group Commander Senior Inspector Watkins Tolaup was at the barracks to receive the Housing Minister and his team last week. He expressed gratitude to the National Housing Corporation and the Housing Minister for the project, which will significantly improve living conditions at the barracks by their addressing longstanding sewage issues.

He pledged his support to NHC to ensure the sewerage project is completed successfully.

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