NGI police boss clears air on incest rumours

The Assistant Police Commissioner for New Guinea Islands has issued a stern warning to individuals to stop spreading false rumours.

ACP Anton Billie issued the warning after rumours of Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion, who was allegedly charged with incest, went viral on social media.

Billie told Loop PNG today that people are coming up with all sort of allegations and complaints to tarnish the good name of prominent leaders in the province.

He confirmed that they received a complaint about the incident but treated it as not genuine as it was not from those involved or from a family member.

Billie said he sent the report to the police headquarters for screening and is still waiting for the Police Commissioner’s directives as to go ahead with the investigations or to do away with it.

“Why come up with such complaints during this election period?

“People with ulterior motives are always looking for ways to tarnish the reputation of leaders because they have hidden agendas,” said the ACP.

ACP Billie further called on the people to check their facts before posting such rumours on social media as it might spoil the good name of leaders.

He added that rumours of the incident involving Sir Leo occurred three years ago and nobody came forth to lay a complaint with police.

He is therefore questioning the timing as to why this issue has been brought up again during the election period.

ACP Billie said once the vetting committee goes through the complaint and finds enough evidence, then his men will commence investigations.

(File pic of Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion)

Freddy Mou