New Veifa'a access road launched

The new Veifa’a access road project has been launched. It will serve six villages – Avei, Veifa’a, Rarai, Amoamo and Nanaifua in West Mekeo, Kairuku District, Central Province.

The signing of a Memorandum of Agreement  and the recent ground breaking ceremony kicks off the construction of the 2km road project.

The access feeder road starts in Avei Village and connects to the existing road that passes through the six impact villages, into the hinterlands of West Mekeo.

Local woman, Solance Aitsi, through tears of relief and joy, recalled the challenges of the old Veifa'a Inawi road where they were harassed by opportunists, and had to cross flooded rivers that were waist deep, just to avoid this.

"Governor I want to thank you for hearing the cries of the mothers and the people. Every day I witness people walking long distances many miles to bring their market goods to the road to get transportation. I help by giving them water to drink while they wait for vehicles. Today I am happy,” Aitsi said.

Governor for Central Rufina Peter, who launched the project, acknowledged the people for giving up their traditional land for this intervention.

"I need you and I, all of us, to work together. We have such a great task ahead of us Central Province. The environment around us is such that we cannot rest. You and I must cut our sleeping hours from eight hours to four hours. You and I must get up and move. You and I must not get up chew betelnut and play cards along the road.

"You are here on this road and you can see the changes that are happening along this road now, there is no time to sit back and do business as usual," Peter said.

Also present was Kairuku Member and West Mekeo Chief, Peter Isoaimo.

He said, "Such a momentous occasion I thank the Governor her Political will for this Provincial national road today, 'I’m a happy man although I am a private citizen but I thank our good Governor Rufina Peter.”

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