New Vehicles For West Sepik Administration

The West Sepik Provincial Administration recently received five new vehicles to help with administrative duties and projects, thanks to the Office of the WSP Governor.

West Sepik Governor, Tony Wouwou, presented the vehicles to respective sectors of the provincial administration, which are; the Executive Services Division to the Provincial Administrator’s Office, Management Information Systems, Commerce and Trade, Provincial Auditor’s Office and the Finance and Administration division.

The majority of these sectors have been without a vehicle for a long time and were appreciative when receiving them.

Governor Wouwou when handing over vehicle keys to the Provincial Administrator, Conrad Tilau, to present to each sector head, urged the officers to look after the new vehicles well.

Each vehicle cost about K90,000, the Governor added that this is a lot of money and that all vehicles must be in good care.

He told the recipients that the officer-in-charge of the vehicle would personally meet the costs for any damages caused.  

Governor Wouwou said: “The vehicles received will assist officers to do their job well in providing services to the people of West Sepik.”

When receiving the keys, Mr Tilau reiterated for the government officers to take good care of the vehicles. Five new Toyota Rush Seven-Seater Vehicles are for the Provincial Administration Sectors at the provincial headquarters.

He added: “In future when considering to purchase new vehicles, the Government and the Provincial Administration will only purchase such smaller vehicles for the headquarters and leave the bigger vehicles, for example the Toyota Land cruiser 10-Seater for the districts, taking into account the tough roads conditions and location.”

During a small ceremony held at the provincial administration car park, Catholic Diocese of Vanimo, Father Donatus blessed the vehicles witnessed by the administration and government officers.  

Press Release