New Vehicles for Sumgilbar LLG

Sumgilbar Local Level Government in Sumkar district, Madang province received two brand new vehicles from the local member, Chris Yer Nangoi and the District Development Authority.

The two new double-cab utility cars were given to Talidig Rural Police Post and the LLG administration respectively.

Sumgilbar LLG president, Brendon Kennedy, his vice Willie Malibun and over thirty council ward members were on end to receive the vehicles at Gibrin Council Chambers on Thursday 6th May delivered by the Sumkar DDA Deputy Administrator, Thomas Balanga.

Prior to the receiving of the vehicles, the ward members had gathered to receive royalty payments from the Ramu NiCo Project.

Balanga asked the officers responsible to take ownership of the vehicles and to use them for their intended purposes and not to misuse them.

He said Sumgilbar LLG still has law and order issues and local conflicts such as at Mangem care centre between Manam settlers and local landowners, thus a police vehicle to the local police post is very vital in making police presence visible.

On its maiden trip, the new police vehicle transported the Madang Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang, from the Talidig rural police post to Gibrin Council Chambers for the formal presentation.

The presentation of the two vehicles was witnessed by the Deputy Governor of Madang, Samuel Nessau, Madang Town Mayor, Ismael Yama and officers from the Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited.

Frieda Kana