New vehicles for law enforcers

Vehicles worth K1.6 million were presented to three law enforcement agencies today in Lae.

The 10 vehicles were handed over to the Royal PNG Constabulary, Correctional Services and Magisterial Services at Lae Top Town.

Top town came to a standstill as a colourful parade was hosted this morning to commemorate the occasion.

Under the leadership of the Lae MP, John Rosso, the vehicles were purchased to assist in the improvement of law and order in the city.

Rosso, who could not make the event, nominated a member of the Lae City Authority Board, George Gware, to speak on his behalf.

When addressing attendees and the public, Gware asked the recipients to look after the assets, adding the vehicles were procured using taxpayers’ funds.

He outlined that the Lae MP’s priority was the law and order sector.

“So while ol man bai lukluk na tok planti kar i go long polis, mipla biliv olsem it’s a necessity; it has to happen,” the LCA board member stated.

Mipla mas sapotim na bildim capacity insait lo ol law and order agencies blo mipla so that ol ken karim wok we constitution i rikwairim ol lo wokim displa.”

He further applauded law enforcers for creating a conducive environment for residents to live in and for business to thrive.

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Northern Command, Peter Guinness, commended the law enforcers for their efforts.

Bikos lo gutpla wok blo yupla lo atendim ol issues insait lo Lae city, as a result of which, em ol displa ol samting i kamap ya,” he said, gesturing to the new vehicles.

Ol i no kam nating. Bikos lo hau yupla kontribyutim taim blo yupla lo lukautim ol pipol blo Lae city and as a result blo gutpla wok blo yupla, ating law and order in Lae changed from what it was before to what it is now.”

Of the vehicles, four of the 10-seaters have been given to police, one Ford Ranger is for the Magisterial Services, one bus and a 10-seater are for the CS while the three Hyundai trucks will be given to the wards two and four councilors and the Lae City Authority Hand Up program.

Carmella Gware