New syndicate of hijackers: Police

Police believe there is a new syndicate of criminals who are using duplicate keys or cut versions of original keys to steal vehicles.

This was stated by NCD police boss Ben Turi and the Superintendent Operations Fred Tundu recently.

Turi said there have been many instances where vehicles were stolen in a very obvious manner. And in many instances, this was never realised until too late.

Just recently, a number of vehicles had mysteriously gone missing at a car dealer’s yard. Police say they were driven away in broad daylight by criminals who had cut keys.

Turi adds that an insider is usually involved.

A number of these vehicles have been recovered however, not after they were vandalised.

Turi reiterates that this syndicate is growing at an alarming rate and there are a number of suspects that have been caught.

Police are still on high alert for these occurrences.

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Imelda Wavik