New staff houses for Kwikila Sec

Teaching staff of the Kwikila Secondary School had two reasons to celebrate at the launching of several school projects funded by the Central Provincial Government, which included two brand new staff houses.

The two houses are funded under a K2.5 million project under the ‘Kwikila Secondary School Whole Campus Re-development Project’ funded by the provincial government to build six houses for the school, two double dormitories and a four-in-one classroom facility.

The projects were officially launched on Wednesday 4th May 2022.

Established in 1959, the school was the first high school in Central Province to become a boarding school in 1960. It has remained a boarding school until present.

Commenting on the general state of the school infrastructure, School Chairman Kore Gurana said, “Since its establishment until now, you can see it has been slowly deteriorating. And it has come to this stage that in 2022 that changes are taking places. Sixty-two years later, we are changing the classrooms, dormitories and other facilities in this school.”

Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe, present to officiate the projects acknowledged in his speech the daunting reality of the level of education in schools in the province. Stating that standards are just not being met. The Governor explained his administration’s reasoning for targeting high schools and secondary schools with funding support.

“If we keep building one classroom there, one classroom there, bit of money there, bit of money here, you don’t feel the impact of it.

“Because we have a SMART Plan in place and we want to be strategic, with all the high schools, because the standard of level of education is not up to speed, let’s start with the upper secondary. Because after upper secondary, you go into tertiary.”

Local construction company, SM Contractors, built the first two houses. They will also complete construction of the remaining projects that include four more staff houses, two dormitories and the four-in-one classroom.

Marysila Kellerton