New Road Connects Lai Valley

More than 40,000 residents of the Lai Valley area in Mendi-Munihu district can finally have access to a good road after almost 48 years.

A 8.7-kilometer road connecting Sumbi to Kip in the lower Lai area was constructed with funding from the Mendi-Munhiu District Development Authority (MMDDA).  

Local member Raphael Tonpi outlined the plans for the district to connect all missing links through building and rehabilitating new and existing infrastructures with a focus on roads. The Sumbi-Kip road is an essential project for MMDDA. The K7 million project is funded by the MMDDA and co-funded by the Southern Highlands Provincial Government (SHPG).

“The people have been missing out on essential basic government services for almost 48 years now. It was through the negligence of previous leaders that this road was never built. This is one of the first major road projects that the district has carried out as part of its five-year development plan.

“Basic infrastructure development such as roads, education, and health services, is a basic right for the people, and we cannot deny them these services. As a mandated leader, it is my responsibility to deliver these services to the people who rightfully deserve them,” said Tonpi.

The contractor Kitron, is doing a fine job, and the road is 80% complete. MMDDA has identified ten roads in the district to connect those not yet connected by roads, and work is in progress on these roads.

“I thank God for his timely intervention and for setting free my people who have been living in the dark for many years. I also thank the Marape Rosso Government for funding this important road project. I would like to thank the SHPG, under the leadership of Governor William Powi, for partnering with the MMDDA to deliver these essential road infrastructure.”

“To the people of Mendi-Munihu, I cannot promise you everything, but I will provide the leadership necessary to ensure that all government services are accessible to all our communities,” added Tonpi.

Loop Author