New requirement for police recruits

The Police Commissioner has recently announced that starting 2018, all police recruits entering the force will be required to become a member of the Police Union.

Gari Baki said the police department is now looking into the welfare of constables and other rank and file officers in the force.

Furthermore, they are encouraging all personnel to become members of the union.

The commissioner stated this during the signing of the agreement that will see an increment for police personnel.

Speaking at the signing on Wednesday, Baki said it is a requirement that will be established for police personnel as currently, staff who are not members of the Union are also benefiting from incentives given to members.

Baki stated that it is an unfair state of wealth distribution which needs to be looked into.

He said the union is available to deal with the interest of all personnel and it is important for all police men and women to become members. Thus going forward, all new recruits will be required to become members.

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Imelda Wavik