New policing initiative to curb crime in NCD

The steady increase in crime within NCD has seen the Royal PNG Constabulary launch the metropolitan policing initiative.

A parade was hosted this morning at the Sir John Guise Stadium to officially mark the event.

The NCD Metropolitan Policing Initiative has been put in place by the Commander of NCD/Central Assistant Commissioner Donald Yamasombi and his team.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says the initiative is an intervention strategy the NCD Command is taking to effectively combat crime in Port Moresby and make the city safe and secure for residents.

“Since my reappointment, I made my intention known to divide the city into three policing zones, with a mega station in each of these stations, and taking into account the electorates – Moresby South, Moresby North-East and Moresby North-West.”

Baki outlined that NCD has now been divided into three operational zones to ensure manpower and resources are identified and allocated to these newly-demarcated police operational boundaries.

“The National Capital District has a total of nine suburban police stations which includes Port Moresby, Badili, Hohola, Gerehu, Waigani, Boroko, Gordon’s, Six-Mile and the recent is Jackson’s Airport,” he stated.

“Zone 1 will now comprise of Port Moresby, Badili and Hohola. Zone 2 will now comprise of Gerehu, Waigani and Boroko. Zone 3 will now comprise of Gordon, Six-Mile and Jackson’s Airport.”

The Commissioner further urged those present to lift the declining standard of the force, saying he was saddened at what they have become. At this stage, the public has lost their respect and trust in those who swore an oath to protect them.

(The parade today at the Sir John Guise Stadium)

Carmella Gware