New Police Vehicles For Wau, Bulolo

Police in Bulolo and Wau can now promptly attend to calls for assistance, following the presentation of new vehicles yesterday.

The landowner group of the Hidden Valley mine, Nakuwi Association presented three new vehicles to the law and order and justice sector of the Bulolo and Wau-Waria districts in Morobe Province.

A vehicle each was given to the Wau and Bulolo police stations, and to Morobe’s magisterial services.

Valued at K1.2 million, Nakuwi Chairman, Rex Mauri said Wau and Bulolo have always been labelled as “cowboy towns” due to the severe deterioration of infrastructure and services, compounded with the influx of alluvial miners.

By assisting law enforcers with new vehicles, he hopes that lawlessness can be addressed in their districts, making the streets of Wau and Bulolo safe for mothers and girls to walk freely as well as create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

On hand to receive the vehicles at the Wau main oval were Deputy Chief Magistrate, Samson Tatakali, Senior Provincial Magistrate, Pious Tapil, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for Northern Command, Peter Guinness, and Provincial Police Commander, Jacob Singura.

When thanking Nakuwi, Senior Provincial Magistrate, Tapil, outlined that law enforcers and the law and justice sector all add to the value chain, whether they are in the police force, in the law and justice sector or are in Correctional Services.

Tapil further highlighted that law and order is everyone’s responsibility.

“Hevi em yumi kamapim, yumi olgeta wok bung wantaim lo stretim hevi lo komyuniti blo yumi,” he stated. (When we create problems, we have to work together to solve it.)

“Tru em han blo gavman em sa sot long sait blo moni.” (It is true that the government cannot extend its reach due to funding constraints.)

ACP Guinness assured the landowners and residents of Wau and Bulolo that the new vehicles will be strictly used for law enforcement.

“Sapos yupla i lukim polisman blo Bulolo o polisman blo Wau karim ol unnecessary man lo kar, kam daun lo Lae na ripotim lo mi,” he stated. (If you see police officers transporting unnecessary people in the vehicle, come to Lae and report them to me.)

“Mipla bai dil wantem husat polisman, bai mekim save lo husat polisman o polismeri i karim femli blo em o karim gel fren blo em o said kik blo em o wanem kain kik; i nonap ron lo disla polis kar. (We will deal with those officers who carry their families, girlfriends or sidekicks in the police vehicle.)

“Displa polis kar em blong halivim na sevim ol pipol blong disla komyuniti; blong edresim issue blong law and order. Em bikpla problem tumas insait lo Bulolo district.” (These police vehicles are to help and serve the people in this community; they will help to address the law and order issue. It’s a big problem in Bulolo district.)

Carmella Gware