New paper bag product launched

Brian Bell Group has joined the fight to protect the environment from pollution by launching its new paper bag product.

CEO Cameron Mackellar said the organisation has been in talks with responsible state agencies on how it can contribute to conservation work, and has opted to use paper bags instead of the single use plastic bags.

The introduction of paper bags by Brian Bell Group of companies saves the environment of having to deal with 1 million plastic bags that Brian Bell has been issuing to its customers per year.

On Wednesday the company launched its new initiative in the presence of former Minister for Environment & Conservation, John Pundari, and Managing Director of the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, Gunther Joku.

“The idea to introduce paper bags was a result of conversations with the government to look at legislating against the single use of plastic bags,” said Group CEO, Cameron Mackellar.

“We looked reflectively in the things we do in our business. And given that we had given out in excess a million plastic bags per year, we though to do better that that. We decided on replacing plastic bags with new paper bags.”

Mackellar says over the next 10 years, Brian Bell Group hopes it can take out of the environment some 10 million or so since used plastic bags.

“It is an advantage for Papua New Guinea, but also an opportunity for us as a business to meet our environmental obligations.”

Pundari, Member for Kompiam Ambum and former Environment Minister, was at the forefront of the campaign to ban plastic bags.

He expressed gratitude to Brian Bell for rising up to the challenge to protect the environment.

“Brian Bell Group has always been a good corporate citizen. Today they have become good environment stewards and lead by example, with their ‘plastic-free zone’ product.”

Brian Bell’s representatives say the paper bag initiative will be implemented across all Brian Bell outlets in the country.

Salome Vincent