New judges appointed

Six new judges have been appointed for the supreme courts and the national courts of Papua New Guinea.

And four acting judges now made permanent, for the national courts of PNG.

The 10 appointments were announced today by Minister for Justice and Attorney General and chairman of the Judicial & Legal Services Commission, Davis Steven.

They are:

Hon Professor Justice Oagile Bethuel, Jim Wala Tamate, Thomas Anis, Danajo Douglas Salee Koeget, Daniel Yale Liosi, Ravunama Auka, Sinclair Peniel Gora, David Abiri Susame, John Richie Benaud Kaumi and John Kamane Numapo.

Minister Davis said this appointment brings the total of judges in the higher courts to 44.

He described it as a milestone, as this was the first record number, since independence.

The Minister particularly thanked the current government in supporting important changes in law.

One of such, being the recent approval in increasing the number of judges, which enabled the commission to make the record number of appointments.

He said the increase in the numbers of our justices is in response to greater demands now been placed on the judiciary, by an increasing population and a more legally aware community.

Being mindful of the government’s expectation to make judicial services accessible to all people, Minister Davis said most of the judges recently appointed will be posted to provincial centres, to continue to conduct court cases in districts.

Davis adds that the increased numbers will also strengthen the Judiciary’s capacity to deal with the growing backlog of pending cases.

He said the commission is satisfied that each of those appointed have fulfilled the requirements for judicial appointment and acting appointments.

Meantime, the Minister congratulated each of them and urged them to continue to serve the people and national faithfully with God’s help.

Gloria Bauai