New Ireland's empowering policies

New Ireland Province Governor, Sir Julius Chan, launched three policies on May 5th, aimed at empowering women, families and small businesses, and access to free and subsidized healthcare.

The launch of the policies took place at Kavieng Stadium. They include:

  1. New Ireland Mama Bank: A credit guarantee scheme aimed at enabling a self-reliant culture in the province by guaranteeing 50% of all loans extended under the scheme. The maximum borrowing limit for individuals will be K 100,000, and the Provincial Government will fund the initiative through the New Ireland Credit Guarantee Scheme administered by Mama Bank.
  2. Free and Subsidized Community Health Care Policy 2023-2025: The Provincial Government will commit K5m in annual funding for the next three years to roll out the policy. The policy will abolish fees charged to access basic health services at health facilities, and the Provincial Government will fund logistical costs for patient referral from rural health care to Provincial and District hospitals and back to the point of referral.
  3. NI PHA Cervical Cancer Stand-alone program: The program aims to provide women with cervical cancer screening and treatment for HPV (Human Papillomavirus), which causes cancer, or specialist medical care if necessary.

Governor Chan stated that these policies will benefit all New Irelanders, particularly women and families, by empowering them to do business and providing access to free and subsidized healthcare.

The Governor called on individuals or families in the province who have a vision to start a business to visit the SME office at the New Ireland Provincial Administration, provided they have the required 10% equity for borrowing.

The launch of these policies is part of the New Ireland Provincial Government's implementation of the Malagan Declaration Forward, through its partnership with Mama Bank. The Governor hopes that these policies will create a self-reliant culture in New Ireland Province, empowering its citizens to reach their full potential.

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