New Ireland leaders issue warning to outsiders

According to recent reports, the New Ireland Province has experienced an increase in crime over the past six months, all involving migrants.

As a result, the New Ireland Provincial Government has kicked off a series of awareness programs on lawlessness in public areas.
The first outreach was staged on July 7th at the Kavieng town market.

Speaking at the event was the Chief executive officer for administration and Public order, Roboam Paka, and First secretary to the Governor, Robin Brown.

Officer Paka said by nature New Irelanders are very peaceful people, but people from outside have brought in with them their criminal behaviour.

“If you come to New Ireland and break the law, you are out, if you come to New Ireland and disrespect our people, you are unwelcome and you will be sent home,” said CEO Paka.

“This exercise (awareness) is to basically make the people aware of the upsurge in the criminal activities in the town and in the province. Awareness will continue next week into Konos, Lakurumau and Namatanai markets.

“On Monday we will have a big law and order meeting in the province, where all community leaders, government officials and settlement people are going to be here discussing ways to address the issues.

“It is especially important when the province will be moving into tourism.”

Meantime, New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan also made time to mingle with the locals at the Kavieng Market while the awareness was being carried out.

He was happy to see that his administration was already implementing his instruction for the awareness, which he relayed on Friday during the swearing in of the province’s new Tourism board.

“When tourists come to New Ireland we want them to see a friendly people, which is now being bastardised by the influx of people from outside, particularly in our market place, the visitors need to observe and respect the tradition and cultures of the people of New Ireland,” emphasized Sir Julius.

The New Ireland Provincial Government already has a vagrancy act in place and Sir Julius has made it clear on numerous occasions that he intends to enforce the act to protect the rights of his people.

Under the New Ireland declaration, which is a road map of the goals and objectives of the New Ireland government, it states: “We declare to create a society in which all citizens are safe and secure and can live without fear of abuse, criminal activity or corruption, and we will improve law enforcement detect abuse, eliminate violence and enforce vagrancy and repatriation laws.”

(Left to right: First Secretary Robin Brown, chief executive officer for administration and public order Roboam Paka and Silau Nambulasa, Rural police commander)

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