New Internal Affairs Directorate office to be built

Police Commissioner David Manning says a new Internal Affairs Directorate office will be built at Konedobu in the National Capital District.

The new office will be next to the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate building.

Construction work is scheduled to commence in late September this year.

Manning says this would solve the problem of rental for the Internal Affairs Directorate where they have been renting office for the last three years.

“This is where we need leadership with vision and foresight. If we had built three years ago, we would not have paid over K2 million on rentals.”

Manning said whilst the IAD office is closed, the Internal Affairs officers continue to work. The Internal Affairs Directorate will be relocated to the Airport Police Station at Seven-Mile with an enquiry or help desk at the Boroko Internal Investigation Unit (IIU) at the Boroko Police Station.

Manning said whilst waiting for the new building to be erected, the IAD team will continue their important work of holding members of the police force accountable.

Press release