New headquarters for Central police

After a long time of being scattered all over the nation’s capital, the Royal PNG Constabulary opened a newly refurbished Central Provincial Headquarters today at the Gordon’s Police Barracks.

Central Provincial Police Commander, Laimo Asi, said the Central police staff had previously been using an old building at downtown Port Moresby, whilst the rest was scattered all over the city.

Asi said to bring together and house everyone in one building is the way forward for the police of Central Province.

He thanked the Australian Federal Police for their support in providing the much-needed funding to have these buildings renovated in time for the elections.

He adds that all the sections of the Central police that have been scattered all over the city can now come together and work together as a team.

“This is absolutely the way forward for us,” says Asi.

Central Police has four prosecution officers, 10 CID officers, 14 traffic officers and 79 members of the public safety division who will be utilising these offices.

“To bring them together like this, it is a way forward for me and my officers because we’ve been all over the place; it’s been difficult to take command and control.

“This will allow me to give instructions all at once as well as provide the best law and order service for the people of Central Province.”

Central Police has a total of 179 officers, of which 86 of them will be housed at the new central headquarters.

Annette Kora