New fire trucks for PNG

The PNG Fire Service will be re-fleeted with 22 brand new fire trucks as part of PNG’s APEC 2018 preparations.

Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, announced in Parliament last week that this is part of the upgrade to ensure the service is prepared to deal with fires.

Isifu said many homes were lost due to fires however, the Fire Service lacked the support to deal with the issue.

“Considering that APEC and other important meetings are coming up, the Government is set to getting and re-fleeting trucks all around our country.

“We are ready to bring in 22 new fire trucks to replace and re-fleet the rundown trucks around the country.

“Also, through my Department, we are putting together a plan to upgrade the Fire Department in the country.”

Minister Isifu said he will present to the National Executive Council a submission to look at improving the management of the Fire Services in PNG.


Cedric Patjole