New Central Province LLG announced

A new local level government (LLG) in the Kairuku-Hiri district will ensure the fast tracking of the district leaders’ fight for the division of Kairuku and Hiri.

The Vanapa-Brown LLG, which was officially announced yesterday as the newest LLG in the Central Province, was welcome news for the local MP, the LLG president as well as other relevant delegates.

During a small but significant ceremony, LLG president Haoda Rogea, who was clearly delighted by the news, noted that it was a great step towards the needed development boost in Central.

The president highlighted that it was a timely move.

Local MP Peter Isoaimo said the fight to separate the district has been a long one, and they will keep on fighting until the district is separated.

He said there is much need for the division, taking into consideration the vastness of the district in terms of population as well as landmass. These factors make it difficult to boost development and economic growth.

Meanwhile, a portion of an electorate needs to have at least three or more LLGs to be eligible to have the status of a district.

(Kairuku-Hiri district traditional dancers)

Imelda Wavik