New Bomana police homes vandalised

The last row of 50 new houses at the Bomana Police housing project have all been vandalised, allegedly by nearby settlers.

Most of the houses have had their doors broken into, windows smashed, wirings to the metre boxes removed, kitchen and laundry sinks removed as well as the toilet pots.

“Some houses also have graffiti all over the walls and power sockets damaged,” NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Benjamin Turi, told Loop PNG.

He believes this is a wasted investment which will only cost more to repair the damages.

Turi had spoken to the contractors about the holdup of the relocation but was told they were still awaiting Government response on their payments.

He is now calling on the Chief Secretary to the government, Isaac Lupari, to look into the outstanding payments for the contractors of the Bomana Police housing project.

“At the moment, officers residing at the single and married quarters at Gordon’s will remain until further notice of relocation,” states Turi.

He adds that the police officers are his priority and if curbing crime is their main concern for the city, they should be given the privilege of proper housing for their families.

He called on the Chief Secretary to fast track the contractors’ payments so that families at Gordon’s barracks can be relocated to Bomana as soon possible to occupy the vandalized but vacant homes.

The long contemplated idea of relocating the existing Gordon’s Police Barracks to Bomana is overdue, he says.


Annette Kora