New acting NCD-Central commander makes intentions known

The National Capital District and Central Province should expect changes in the law and order sector with the recent appointment of the new acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for NCD/Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

Though it is an acting appointment, the former Lae metropolitan superintendent says he will make use of every opportunity to effectively police his division.

In a briefing today at the Boroko Police Station, the new divisional commander told senior police officers that he will not remain stagnant in his acting appointment, and expects the same from them.

Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr says he will continue with the strategic management plan of the ACP NCD/Central, which is already in place, as well as those of the NCD metropolitan superintendent and the Central Provincial Police Commander.

One of the areas that he will focus on improving is accountability, where those wearing ranks are expected to perform accordingly.

“Yu stap lo wanem responsibility yu mas wokim wok blo yu stret,” he said. (Carry out your responsibilities accordingly.)

Em ol disla samting mi laik strongim because they lead to other things. True we lack the resources, but at least we must put some effort into it. So they will lead to police brutality, which is very, very rife. People have lost faith in us. It is up to us to ensure that as leaders in the constabulary – leaders I mean from the non-commissioned officer rank and up – we must take accountability of our members’ actions.”

Wagambie Jnr stressed on teamwork, saying together they can achieve their goals.

Nau yumi stap, planti ol polis manmeri they are running around, unaccounted for. They’re on the payroll but they are not at their workplace. Why? Because our section commanders you are not holding them responsible for it.

Planti ol lain wok lo wokim said eskot nabaut, using our police issued firearms and you are doing your small escorts on the side. And you police station commanders and you section officers-in-charge, you know it’s going on but you are not doing anything about it.

“Our members are doing things without reporting up the chain of command. We are doing favours for others.

“We lack accountability at the frontline, that’s where it’s happening. So if we have to roll some heads, we’ll roll some heads.”

The Chief Superintendent will also be looking at discipline and the introduction of sector patrol like in Lae.

(NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, with Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police for NCD/Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr)

Carmella Gware