Need for armed men visibility in prisons: CS

The visibility of armed men could have an impact and play a role in keeping inmates from escaping prison.

This was stressed by the Commissioner for Correctional Service, Michael Waipo, during a recent interview with this newsroom.

“With that, we could easily play psychological operations in terms of having armed men visible. The visibility of a staff being in possession of a firearm in the institution will certainly have an impact on how the prisoner might want to execute his intention; whether to make a break or not.”

Additionally, specific instructions have been given to CS officers to get out there and be present on the ground.

He adds further that support officers have been directed to monitor the movement of inmates in and out of the compound and report back on the performance of staff on the ground.

Waipo said this will help encourage the staff to move away from some of the current practices where officers are found skipping work, leaving a huge gap for inmates to move about without supervision.

“Basically to do with prison security, when you have staff on the ground, you are less likely to have breakouts,” stressed the Commissioner.  

With the visibility of armed men, Waipo believes this could help reduce the number of attempted escapes by inmates.

(The Bomana correctional facility outside Port Moresby) 

Annette Kora