NCSL Client Servicing

Staff of the NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loan (NSCL) brought its services to Digicel’s doorstep today.

Staff at the Digicel head office had the opportunity to be served in the comfort of their own office.

Many dread a long cue at any office providing financial aid, losing valuable working hours just to secure their savings for the future.

The NCSL staff helped Digicel staff with New membership registration, Poro registration, Membership ID and general inquiries.

This initiative is driven in most business houses through their payroll departments making it easier for staff to acquire this very essential service.

The NCSL team got a lot done getting in new member registrations and ID cards. With this helpful initiative, NCSL also gives a Polo shirt to every contributing member that manages to sign up 15 new members.

Each year NCSL introduces new initiatives to benefit families of Papua New Guinea.

Its vision is to be the best e-Bank in PNG, and the aim to create mutual prosperity for their customers, the future looks bright in the form of positive economic, personal, social, environmental and cultural impact.

Carol Kidu