NCR road section washed away

Drivers driving along the North Coast Road in Madang are being reminded to drive with care.

Police officers from Talidig and other travelling public confirmed that the road section past Dylup plantation and before Sarang Village, has been washed away by sea. Almost half of the road was eroded.

Talidig police said the issue is an ongoing one and authorities are all too aware of it. 

Commuter Marcus Kachau said, " It's almost gone. As it is, it's very dangerous for new drivers going NCR Bogia way. Day dreamers or drunk drivers too can go off the road.”

“Very important is the lives of the travelling public. Could the DOW (Department of Works) make an inspection and maintain please,” Kachau said. 

The other issue is the Dylup bridge which bears cracks. It should also be looked at the fixed. 

Sylvester Wemuru