NCDC works on minimizing flooding

The maintenance of road and drainage maintenance carried out by the National Capital District Commission is addressing the flooding situation in the nation’s capital.

City Manager, Ravu Frank, commended the positive outcome, but is emphasizing on the need for further work to address the issue permanently.

Measures taken include clearing encroachments, scaling up cleaning and unblocking drainages, and engaging hydrology engineers for lasting solutions.

An establishment for a demolition exercise was located in 26 areas in the city allowing the flow of drain waters. The exercise has already taken place and is currently in process in some areas where residents have encroached on reserves.

The City Manager is urging drivers to take precaution when driving in wet conditions and for residents to refrain from dumping rubbish into drains during this wet season.

He emphasized that incidents during heavy rains and flooding is caused by rubbish blocking drainage systems. NCDC is also taking continuous action by installing trash bins at CBDs and other public places to encourage proper waste disposal.

Apart from the city, villages in Central Province continue to suffer the consequences of continuous rain, including destruction to homes, food gardens and roads.

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