NCDC: “We’ve been Fair”

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) has released a statement saying that it has been fair to all when planning for development in the city, and that it is its duty to protect public interest in the city.

“Today, we assert NCDC power as the municipal government for our capital city to plan and manage our city for the benefit of all our people - individuals, corporations, churches and NGOs. Under the NCDC Act and vested with powers delegated to us by the Physical Planning Act and exercised through the NCD Physical Planning Board, we alone decide the type of development in the City.

“We have a duty, both legal and moral, to protect public interest as well as private interest in the city. Our records to date show we have been fair and responsible in the discharge of this duty. We have protected public interest with all our might and power, and likewise we have also protected private interests, both of individuals and corporate organizations.

“We have defended public interest in public recreational areas like Ela Beach, Unagi Oval, Gerehu Sports Oval, Apex Park, Nature Park and other smaller parks in the city.”

“Where we were of the view that public interest would be served by allowing public land to be developed or sold to private interest, we have done that too. We have sold most of sea park land for example to raise money to complete the historic Sir Hubert Murray stadium.

“We have signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Kumul Training Institute to lease  the park at Tokarara to operate its training center while continuing to serve the public. The Kumul Training Institute does this by training many young people of the city and our country in technical skills annually while at the same time allow community at Tokarara to use the area for sports and other community activities on facilities developed by Kumul Training Institute.

“We will continue to maintain this approach as it is the most responsible, ethical and legal thing to do. Those private residents or the city or our country, be they individuals or corporate, who wish to access public land must respect this policy, importantly to seek our cooperation and support to develop such land or facilities so it is a win-win outcome. Those who seek to do it by default or deceit will not succeed.”

“Today we have taken back Jack Pidik Park. It is a public recreational land as far as we are concerned and shall remain that way until the Commission decides otherwise. Even if it is commercial land, it can’t be developed without our approval. TST has no approval and has no power to unilaterally develop the land. It has not complied with the orders it got from the National Court. It has acted illegally and this cannot be allowed to continue.


Press Release