NCD urged to take action

Members of the public have been called on to help those who are in distress.

NCD police are urging residents to take ownership, stand together and help fight crime.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent made the call after he was informed of a social media post regarding the attempted abduction of a woman at Six-Mile on Sunday.

However, the Boroko Police Station nor the Six-Mile precinct have anything on file regarding the incident.

Chief superintendent Perou N’Dranou said while he is yet to receive a report on the matter, he wants the residents to take a stand against such incidents.

“If you’re following a car and you can see that it’s not behaving the way it should be, report it. Get the registration number of the vehicle. We all have cameras, take a shot of those people and report the incident,” he said.

“Help anyone in distress on the public street. That’s how we’re going to fight it.

“There’s no magic solution to it. It requires coordination, good working relationship, teamwork and public to stand up.”

Basing his statement on a popular quote by British statesman Edmund Burke, N’Dranou said evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Meantime, the Six-Mile acting Police Station Commander, Chief Sergeant Bruce Amos, said he went through the occurrence book (OB) but could not find anything regarding the attempted abduction.

“There’s no such report here at the station. I went through the OB – from Friday up until yesterday – and there was no entry regarding that,” stated Amos.

Carmella Gware